Which coffee table for a small living room

Having a living room is pleasant because it is in this room that we receive our guests
or that we meet as a family once the day is over. However, it is not uncommon that the
living room space is small. If this is your case, be sure. It is quite possible to fully enjoy
this small room and even to enlarge it visually.
Choosing a coffee table is a must steps for the decoration of a small living room. It is
infinite to better meet your needs and integrate into small rooms! So what kind of
coffee table would you prefer ?
Whether you live in a small apartment, studio or house with small spaces, discover our
ideas to choose your ideal coffee table.

1- Nesting coffee table

Very convenient for setting up a small living room. They consist of a set of small light
tables, depending on your needs, they fit together to make you win space or stand out
from each other to offer a larger surface area. Resolutely modern, they find their place
in a small living room with classic or contemporary decor.

2- A transparent coffee table

It is preferred in a small living room to avoid overloading the decor while providing a
certain style. The glass coffee table is certainly very fragile, but perfectly harmonizes
with all types of decor because of its transparency. Their character can also create the
illusion of a large space in a small room. So your living room is looks bigger and bright.

3- Trunk coffee table

The lack of storage is certainly the negative point of small living rooms. Storage
furniture and other bookcases are too large to fit into this kind of room. A Trunk
coffee table is a perfect solution to solve this problem. They are also spacious enough
to store items such as books, magazines, electronic devices or any other object you
want to keep them discreetly.

4- Sofa end table

To gain space in a small living room, you can opt for a small coffee table that will take up
little space and can be used in different places in the room because it can be moved easily.

5- A coffee table and its storage or with drawers

Having a coffee table adapted to small spaces is good, but choosing a coffee table with
storage is better. It’s an ideal investment for a small living room, so you gain space and
you have a tidy living room. This type will perfectly meet your expectations while
sublimating your living space.

6- coffee table on castors

So that the coffee table is not bulky, we can choose a model on castors that allow to use
the coffee table for different activities and especially to store it when necessary.

7- A lift-Top coffee table

To gain space, you can also pair the coffee table with the dining room table. We then
choose a liftable model that will unfold only for diners in order to offer you a high table.