Make It Easier !

getting the right coffee table... do you struggle on that!

Choosing the right coffee table for a living room can sometimes become a real puzzle. Selecting it is not something that should be taken lightly, since a bad choice will have consequences on your decor layout.

If So! You are one of the US peoples that have the ability to select according to both functional and artistic criteria.  

Our team which consist of designers and architects had put all their skills and experiences on this tool to make you 100% confident about your coffee table selection. 

WHY & HOW to use it !

HOW DOES IT WORK ? 5 Main Criteria

The 5 steps below represent the main criterias that you will fill and be used by the tool to dislay for you the best choices according to your needs 

01. the main use

What function do you expect for your coffee table.

02. the size

It’s very important to think about the space dedicated to your coffee table to make sure that you keep freedom to move between all your furnitures. The size  of your living room is  a necessary criteria to determinate the shape and the material of your coffee table.

03. the style

The style of your coffee table should match the style of your living room. The new table have imperatively to adapt to your exesting decor.

04. the sofa

The choice of your coffee table and especially it’s shape and dimension is quite related to the shape of and height of the sofa in your living room

05. the family

To keep your kids safe at home, it’s important to get the adequate shape and material of your coffee table.

Deasier funnel

why you have to use this tool

  • When you decide to buy a coffee table you’ll get thousand of choices that makes you choose one arbitrarly.
    Through specific questions into this tool  you’ll ensure to get the right one.
  • We save you the trouble of searching between all brand’s sites because we have a big database that contain all coffee table brands.
  •  As associates with Amazon  we’ll make you enjoy the great services and have a good experience through this giant retailer.