The modern style

Following the footsteps of modern and postmodern art, the modern style living room based on three
main words; less is more. Having simplified geometric shapes, and Vitreous materials like glass or melamine.
The Modern style is best for those who fancy neat and clean spaces. 

Main Characteristics of the Modern Style Living Room

1- Simple shapes: circles, rectangles, and squares. While searching for furniture for your
 modern style living room, pay close attention to geometric shapes. If the furniture consists of soft
edges, then you are probably in the wrong section. Consider modern furniture with definite
shapes such as rectangular furniture legs, perfect circles, or shapes with sharp edges. 
2- Colors: the modern style has neutral colors on the forefront: shades of white, grey, and
 black are some of the tones that will serve as a base. These colors can also be used in color
blocking with other warm modern shades like turquoise, bright red, and lime green. 
3- Material: The most abundant materials available in modern settings are concrete, glass,
and stone. A little bit of wood and plastic is acceptable too. Metal is also very much available
 in modern styles from stainless steel, to aluminum or chromium.
4- Downwards: while keeping the furniture and other spacey decorations closer to the floor,
the void left creates an illusion of a bigger living space. So when shopping for furniture,
consider those with short stands and backrests.