The Rustic style Home Decor

The Rustic style designs bring out the countryside in homes with elements of ancient
furniture, smell of fire of wood, pots of plants and flowers incorporated in living
spaces, as well as parquet floors. In essence, the rustic style home decor honors the beautiful basics of
 a living space, with several pieces of family treasures. Imagine a wooden house having a classic leather
 chairs, beams, and plenty of natural fibers. 

Main Characteristics of the rustic style home decor

1- Wood is important: one essential fact bear in mind is that the  wood in the rustic furniture
is indispensable. Look out for textures that characterize the rawness, or a handmade
design that is outright rugged. However, don’t be too overwhelmed to undercut your
furniture standards- try to create an inviting atmosphere for both family and friends.
Furthermore, a simple wood furniture matches up with almost any accessory that
is available.
2- Colors: a rustic style home setting has a natural, soft, and luminous feel. As you will notice,
rustic styles work best with natural colors notorious with the rural lifestyle. Having
natural colors will ease the darker shaded of wood in the living space. If you insist on
adding richer colors, then do it in a specified corner.
3- Elegantly matured: one of the main elements of a rustic living space is the unfinished
and aged appearance of the furniture. In simpler terms, the dents and scratches on the
wood may be intentional but the idea is to show it has passed through generations and
the area is still occupied by family members.
4- Give a rustic appear to the interior: the rustic style home decor is all about warmth and an
accommodating atmosphere. Your furniture must have these features- opt for open
plan cabinets instead of the traditional closed shelves. You can also add a few closed
sections to add some authenticity in the mix.