The Traditional style Living Room

The traditional style came to life during the 18th and 19th century of European dcor’s
natural evolution. Interior qualities such as detailed milling works and soft colors leave
a memorable impression of traditional furniture designs. Expect glass wardrobes with
detailed finishing, cashmere carpets and curved armrests as well. Today’s traditional
 style furniture combines lush styles like wingbacks, tufting as well as piping.

Characteristics of a Traditional Style Living Room

1- Wood is the main material: in the Traditional style living room,  woods are well vanished in slightly dark shades.
True to the traditional designs, The wooden piece could also include some sort of engraved
patterns or veneers in the grain of the wood.
2- Highly decorated furniture: most of traditional dcor in the past eras have been known
 for a richly decorated furniture: exotic living room tables carved wooden desks, and
 edged fabrics all convey the room’s style to guests.
3- Retro and comfortable: the traditional living room has a consistent and relatable
 outlook. Even though the furniture design is nothing new, the technique is timeless and
the furniture design can still be vivid for generations to come.
4- Neutral color walls: to achieve a perfect balance between the furniture and the walls,
choose a pale color such as off-white to blend in your walls and ceilings. You can also add
 relevant wallpaper patterns in similar shades.
5- Coverings: a traditional setting has more blankets than any other living room style. Mix
up colors and make sure to use warm colors and abstract patterns. You can also throw in
 some leather as it identifies with the traditional era coupled with leatherette items in
cheaper settings.