The Transitional style Living Room

Most people become reluctant to choosing between the different living styles,
 sometimes the best way is to blend two or more. We are talking about transitional style
interior decoration. This style is a blend of traditional aspects with modern
lines. One good thing about transitional style is a wide array of options available at
your disposal. Add a little of your personality and you will have a timeless piece of decor. 

Main characteristics of transitional style living room

1- Coherence: the main challenge in creating a perfect transitional style living room is combining the
different decoration styles. But be careful, because not all ideas will fit together, and you may have to browse
through a list of options before landing on your perfect design. 
2- Furniture: this type of living room style will fit with your current furniture. So all you have
to do is work on straight lines and curves to avoid monotony.
3- Colors: the ambiance of the transitional style living room is probably less enthusiastic on colors.
Consider neutral and warm colors like beige, cream, grey, and khaki as well. Patterns are
straightforward too- avoid many flowery prints and abstract designs. 
4- Luminaries: the transitional style is popularly known for its white drum lamps.
They are usually hanging from the ceilings but they will also fit perfectly as table lamps.
For example, you can go for traditional chandeliers contrasted with a modern touch. 
Transitional style is ideal for you if you’re looking for a rather contemporary design with a
comfortable twist. Or maybe if you fancy a fresh, punchier definition of traditional. The
flexibility of this style allows you to choose your favorites of contemporary and traditional,
and mix and match them until you reach the desired warmth in your living space.